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Welcome to Pisak

Small Place for Great Vaccation
Welcome to Pisak
Pisak in Croatia is a small tourist destination on the fabulous Omis Riviera, 16 kilometers south of the town of Omis, 18 km north of the town of Makarska. It is a small, peaceful settlement, once a fishermen's port and now a modern tourist destination. The inhabitants of Pisak are especially proud of the beautiful, crystal clear sea, unspoiled nature and astonishing beaches.


Welcome to Pisak During its history, Pisak was primarily village of farmers and fishermen. There were two predominant surnames: Fistanići and Kuzmanići, who were living in two settlements, out of which the modern village of Pisak emerged. The group of old houses above the sea and to the east are still called Kuzmanići today.

Main agricultural products were olive oil and red wine, which are still grown by local residents and we recommend you taste them when you visit Pisak. Pisak was the most important fishermen's port, on Omiš riviera, primarily due to its location which is across the eastern tip of the Brac island, and from where distant fishing areas were more easily accessible. The second reason was the building of well protected port in 19. century, which gave bigger boost to fishing in Pisak. Today, there is not much left of the local fishing fleet, but many local residents go fishing with their small boats, and we recommend you also to rent some of these small boats, and explore the area of Pisak from the sea, and find your own private beach or small cove.

Natural beauties

Welcome to Pisak Pisak lies in a bay and has sandy, pebble and rocky beaches - we recommend it to families with children and water sports enthusiasts who can rent boats, go diving, sailing and surfing. In the evening, you can unwind in restaurants and konobas (local restaurants), and try traditionally prepared fish. When you visit Pisak, make sure to visit Vruja undersea springs, where you will find refreshing, cold, drinking water.

Pisak today

Welcome to Pisak There is a grocery store with daily fresh fruit, vegetable and fish. There are also several coffee bars and restaurants in Pisak where you can try some of the local specialties and enjoy the tastes of Mediterranean cuisine and excellent wine. Due to the vicinity of the towns of Omis and Makarska, the visitors may enjoy numerous active holidays options such as rafting, free climbing, windsurfing or enjoy an unforgettable party in the disco bars and night clubs of the surrounding Rivieras.

Things you can find in Pisak
  • Market
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Bakery
  • ATM machine
  • Rent a boat
  • Bike and hiking roads
  • Clean sea
  • Beautiful beaches
Things around Pisak
  • Supermarket...16km
  • Post office....5km
  • Disco....4km
  • Rent a car....16km
  • Airport....50km (Resnik,Split)
  • Bank....16km
  • Ambulance....16km
  • Hospital....40km
  • Police station....16km

Experience for All Your Senses

Enjoy Dalmatian nature, smells and taste
Boat Travelling
Enjoyment in Nature
Explore the natural beauties surrounding Pisak.
  • Rafting on Cetina
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Diving
Boat Travelling
Boat Travelling
Travel to one of our nice islands. You can take one day trip course from several harbors located around Pisak.
  • Brač - Bol
  • Hvar
  • Biševo - Blue cave
  • Korčula
  • Sea cruze
Boat Travelling
Explore the Old Civilization
Take a tour through ancient Roman province.
  • Dioklecijan's Pallace
  • Old Salona City
  • Old Fortress of Klis
  • Omiš Pirates
Royal Suit
Fine dinning
Enjoy Dalmatian food and fine wines, discover the tastes of Dalmatian cuisine, the best of the Mediterranean way of cooking.
Find your favorite wine and try to count all of spirits Dalmatia has to offer.